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29 Dec 2006

CompUSA is useless!

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Yes, I know this isn’t the post I should be writing now — I’ve been doing all sorts of other things that I should be writing about. But at least this is my little bit of customer action — I’m also going to be going to all the review sites I can find and posting bad reviews.

The story is that Ellen and I went on Thanksgiving evening to the CompUSA in Cincinnati, and managed to each get a harddrive with a huge mail-in rebate (refund). However, after waiting in line for ages, the sales clerk put both harddrives on a single receipt, so only one rebate form printed — and there was apparently nothing he could do about it. So we waited in the customer service line for ages. Finally, the person there returned one of the drives and repurchased it on store credit.

Thing is, apparently this was the wrong thing to do. Even though we have TWO receipts, somehow they’re linked in the computer system, so that the rebate centre refuses to process them — this despite me speaking to people up to and including the supervisor, Michael.

6 Dec 2006

Phone not working

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Just a quick note: I’ve ordered a new phone from Amazon, and in their infintite wisdom they’ve decided that I should not be able to use my existing phone while my new one is being shipped. Yep, they disabled my current SIM card when they shipped the new phone, instead of when the new phone arrived (even though I’m still paying the monthly contract rate). Moral of the story: don’t buy phones from Amazon, they’re stupid.

So yeah, if you get a generic voicemail when you phone me, that’s why.

The new phone had better be worth it.

PS. On the topic of stupid corporations: Cingular’s website sucks. Looks pretty, has no useful information. Exhibit A: see if you can find the difference between their data plans.

PPS. And another peeve: you can’t rent phones in the US, apparently (please correct me if I’m wrong). In the arrivals hall of South African airports you can rent a phone in minutes for $1/day, free incoming calls, voicemail, etc., that works immediately and charges outgoing calls to your credit card. It’d be really useful just right now…