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24 May 2006

Yay for China!

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Just got back from picking up my passport from the Chinese Consulate — along with its brand new Chinese visa. And what a pleasure the process was!

I’m used to visa application processes that require reams of paperwork and supporting documents, take forever and cost a fortune. This one took 20 minutes to apply, 10 minutes to pick up (three business days later), and only cost $30. It must be about the easiest and cheapest visa I’ve ever acquired!

This brings to 11 the number of visas in my current passport, which I’ve had since November 1999. At a conservative estimate of $50/visa, that makes $550 I’ve spent on visas. And it is conservative, considering that restarting my study program now would require spending $180 on a single US visa — which might well only be valid for a year.

Of them all, only the Chinese visa would be required for a citizen of the EU or US. So that’s at least $520 I’ve paid as a result of being a citizen of a developing country. Seems rather bizarre that developing world citizens should have to spend so much more to travel.

Anyway, it’s now a week left to my huge oral candidacy presentation. So it’s back to the physics!

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Best of luck with the presentation, I hope all goes smoothly.

    I should see you in sunny Beijing in a month, it ought to be a lot of fun!

    All the best,


    Comment by Dr Shock — 25 May 2006 @ 6:42 am

  2. Ah, welcome to the blog! I either lost or didn’t know about yours, so have some reading to do! And congrats on the “Dr” part of your title!

    Yes, I’m looking forward to Beijing! See you there.

    Comment by paulcook — 25 May 2006 @ 3:08 pm

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