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27 Apr 2006

HOWTO: Flying SAA from JFK

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Langabi.name is proud to present, based on the recent experiences of our illustrious site’s main author, some tips on:

Flying South African Airways out of New York JFK, in the Star Alliance era

As those of you who have been paying attention will know (hi, Bert), South African Airways joined Star Alliance in April 2006. Besides having a huge frequent flyer programme impact, it has also meant a re-adjustment of terminals in the US. Or at least at JFK in New York. Here follow some tips about how to make the most of SAA’s fancy new location.

23 Apr 2006

Keeping me busy

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Those of you that have been paying attention might have noticed I’ve been a little quiet recently. Well, here’s a brief summary of past and future plans — and perhaps some reasons for my silence.

My brother was here for three weeks in March/April. We had a great time and did many things. Some highlights were seeing the Cirque du Soleil show and a whole lot more in Las Vegas, an interesting photo exhibit at Santa Monica, all the usual Hollywood sights (just as there happened to be a huge cheerleading competition on the go) and some interesting parties at Caltech. He also made it down to San Diego with a friend for a few days.