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14 Mar 2006

Caltech students: new minimum stipend

Filed under: Studies — paulcook @ 4:54 pm

A quick information note for Caltech students who may not have read the newsletter: the GSC budget newsletter announces that the GSC request for a minimum stipend level for all students, regardless of support source, has been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee, and will be recommended to all division chairs.

I’m really excited, since the figure they mention will be a BIG increase for me. But it’s worth checking, come next year, that your stipend is up to the minimum — and if not, well, perhaps some complaining might be in order.

10 Mar 2006

ANALYZE your PostgreSQL databases!

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I’ve recently been reminded, in no uncertain terms, of the importance of running the “ANALYZE” (or “VACUUM ANALYZE”) command periodically on a PostgreSQL database installation.

My problem:
Amongst other tables, a production database I administer has three tables: two moderately large tables, A(1) and B, and one quite large one (>700 000 records), C (for “Cross”), which is essentially the full cross product of A and B, with an additional piece of information for each tuple (record). So I’m associating some information with every combination of records from tables A and B.

3 Mar 2006

Take that, Oz!

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Australia humiliated by rampant Proteas — yep, the South African cricket team just annihilated the Australian team, the current so-called “world champions”.

Chasing 290, Australias was all out for 93. Ntini finished with 6 wickets for only 22 runs from 9.3 overs. I mean, that’s just ridiculously good.

Wow, I wish I had been watching the match. Sounds like a good (if short) one!