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27 Aug 2005

Narrow miss in SA vs. New Zealand rugby

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I’ve just finished watching the second-last match of this year’s Tri-Nations rubgy tournament, over an excellent fry-up breakfast. And what a close match it was!

For those that live in rugby-deprived countries, the Tri-Nations is a yearly tournament between Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. This makes it international rugby’s toughest tournament after the World Cup. South Africa won last year, after a few years of very poor performances, and had been looking good for winning it again this year. Before today we’d won all our matches, including a vital away win against Australia last week (I watched that one at Aventura Warmbaths, a great water theme-park and hydro, while spending a weekend away with some friends).

24 Aug 2005

Photos of my Botswana and Zambia trip

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I’ve got most of my photos from the Botswana and Zambia (Victoria Falls) trip up now. Some photos are still missing, and for some reason it’s not working out the date I took each photo properly, so the ordering is all messed up. Still, rather something than nothing!

They’re at http://langabi.name/gallery/botswana05.

I’ll be returning to Pasadena at the end of the month, arriving at LAX on the evening of the 31 August.

16 Aug 2005

Rafting the great Zambezi

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Eight rafts, 23 rapids, 18 kilometres of the great Zambezi river. Two unplanned swims, one raft flip, about seven grade five rapids. Altogether, one hell of a day.

My brother and I spent Wednesday white water rafting. After the briefing and breakfast, the approximately 50 of us in today’s group head down to the river. Most of the rest of the people are here on wilderness group tours — travelling in a touring truck, camping at sites along the way. It’s the usual mix of backpackers — Australia, England, South Africa, a few from American and Germany.

The route starts within sight of the base of the Victoria Falls, with the Mist that Thunders hanging over the top of the gorge walls — all 700 feet of sheer rock. We spent the rest of the day in the gorge, with the Zambezi running swift and deep between towering cliffs, and the (very welcome) sun high overhead.

2 Aug 2005

Three days, three countries

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A brief note from pay-by-the-minute internet: I’m in Zambia at the moment, next to the Victoria Falls (twice as wide and twice as high as Niagra), and will be going white water rafting tomorrow!

It’s been a tiring two days, as we’ve travelled well over a thousand kilometres, through three countries (South Africa, Botswana and Zambia).

Anyway, lots of photos to follow when I have a cheap connection!