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4 Jul 2005


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Well, I’m back in Pasadena, after an especially busy two weeks. So busy were they, that I haven’t posted to the blog in quite some time. Ooops!

Anyway, the last weeks of TASI were most excellent. We had some very interesting lectures, and I may also be starting some interesting collaborations with other grad students at other universities. We also went out with a certain very famous string theorist on the last Thursday evening, and had a pretty wild time. It’s quite an experience hanging out with someone who’s so famous — even if the fame extends only to a very small group of people. Anyway, more photos should be following shortly, once I get them organised.

Arriving in my apartment was, however, was full of surprises (well, I knew about them, but they were still unusual), in about the following order:

The cat: We’re hosting Katie’s cat Bailey, while Katie and Ted are on honeymoon. As an aside, the wedding was last week in Illinois, and was a great time. More to follow on that, too, hopefully. Anyway, it’s strange having a cat around the place — especially when it wants to share one’s lap with a laptop.

The furniture rearranged: Ariele seems to be the instigator of a rearrangement of the lounge in our apartment. Now a change is as good as a holiday, but in this particular case, it seems that her reasons were essentially so that I would feel confused when arriving home. Or something like that. Well, I win this round — I quite like the new look, and feel NOT AT ALL out of place. 1-0!

My room! AAAAHHH, my room!!!! Jeff’s been staying in my room for a few weeks, while I’ve been away, and until Ariele and him get their new apartment. It’s worked out very nicely, but has meant that I arrived to a room FULL of his stuff:
Jeff's stuff 1Jeff's stuff 2
We’re now in the process of helping them move to their new place — which has a pool! Hanging out by a pool counts as work, right?

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