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19 Feb 2005

Blog relocated AND upgraded

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Since the last time I posted, I have not only upgraded to WordPress 1.5, but have also moved the blog onto a different server, moved the database from its different server to the same one as the new blog server, and changed the database management system from PostgreSQL to MySQL.

So, basically, nothing is the same anymore. Except how everything looks, that’s much the same. So why do it all then? Well, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a lot faster now that the webserver and database server are the same machine, rather than being on opposite sides of the US.

And why change database? My opinion is still that PostgreSQL is still a superior database, in virtually every respect. WordPress, however, is written for MySQL, and while there exists a port to PostgreSQL, it’s just more of a nuisance. So I’ve been forced to compromise. Rather like running Windows XP on my laptop…

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  1. This is a test of the comment system, as the upgrade broke it.

    Comment by paulcook — 19 Feb 2005 @ 6:53 pm

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