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6 Feb 2005

The best free DNS service. Ever.

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As some people will know, I am constantly amused by the American habit of declaring something that I would call “pretty good” as “the best thing ever”.

So that should place my comments on ZoneEdit.com in perspective. It’s a commerical DNS service (ie. serves domain names, like langabi.name). But they allow five “zones” for free, with unlimited subdomains within those zones.

Add juicy things like EmailForward (forwards all email to that zone, to a give address, thereby relieving one of the need to run a mail server), and even rotating DNS between mutliple identical servers, and you have winner.

Together with Tektonic.net, which provides the private virtual server (ie. I have root access to a virtual machine, on a shared server, for a great price), it’s what makes this site run.

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