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23 Jan 2005

The tagging revolution continues…

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A new idea in the blogosphere: the ability for anyone to tag blogs or other sites with keywords. These have two uses: firstly, it’s like a non-heirarchical bookmark system for you, allowing you to find sites that you saw at some stage, on a particular topic — and it scales to thousands of sites easily.

But secondly, these tags are all available to everyone else, so it’s a new take on hman-reviewed search engines, in that you can now easily find interesting, non-mainstream sites on virtually any topic you choose. Great for finding that blog about just the thing you’re interested in!

Del.icio.us is offering the service, free, with little applets that make it easy to tag the site you’re currently on.

Also, for an interesting blog article on it, have a look at Joho the Blog: The tagging revolution continues…

I know I’ve had problems trying to find blogs through Google, because search engines only index the actual words on a single page, whereas often one is looking for a theme that runs through multiple pages of a blog — and that’s exactly how people will (hopefully) be tagging stuff!

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