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23 Jan 2005


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I went skiing with a group of university students from All Saints Church last night. We went to Mountain High, which is about 1.5 hours away, on the other side of the San Gabriel mountains from Pasadena, or Mt Baldy.

Now night-time skiing was something of a strange idea to me, but they have lights all over the slopes, so it’s actually not too unlike day skiing, but without glare from the snow, or quite as many people.

That said, it was still humming with folks. Nearly everyone was snowboarding, and very few skiing. I went for skiing, because I find it easier and less tiring, perhaps because of water skiing experience. Snowboarding, however, seems to involve a lot of sitting on the snow and contemplating your most recent fall. So it tended to make the slopes something of an obstacle course!

My own skiing is getting better but oh so slowly, which was a little annoying. But when it comes right for a while, it’s a great feeling! Lots of fun, and I’m not too stiff today!

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