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15 Jan 2005

A good meeting with my advisor

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Jie (the person I work with) and me had the most bizarre of experiences yesterday — a meeting with our advisor that went quite well!

We had been part of some meetings last week about an idea one of the postdocs had, about trying to sum over all possible geometries (curvatures) of space in a 10-dimensional supergravity theory, using some recent work by Lin, Lunin and Maldacena to relate the computation to a 4-dimension system of fermionic particles. The idea is that there is a conjecture of Mathur’s that sums over really complex geometries can give rise to event horizons that look like black holes — and may in fact be black holes. This would avoid the problem of the singularity that appears in “normal” descriptions of black holes.

Anyway, the idea of the postdoc has not been moving along very well, but Jie and me had read some papers anyway, and at our regular update-the-advisor meeting yesterday, it turned out that we had read a paper that the advisor hadn’t, and that was directly relevant to some things that we were talking about. Luckily I’d written a few notes about it, and was able to explain some of the features of the paper in the meeting. Sweet!

Unfortunately, he now wants us to present the paper properly (ie. including the mathematics and background material from previous papers) on Tuesday. So much for having a public holiday on Monday!

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