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3 Feb 2004

Caltech News 5: Of photos and football

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Greetings all!

Well, I’ve now been back in the US for a few days short of a month, after a fantastic holiday in South Africa. Thank you to everyone that was a part of the holiday, it was far better than I thought possible beforehand!

This email makes reference to a number of photos, so I’ve finally created the start of a personal webpage, at http://www.thornhill.co.za/~paulcook. It has the first set of photos, and all the previous Caltech News email I’ve sent.

Returning to LA was something of an anti-climax — most of the people I know didn’t do anything as exciting as travel halfway round the world, so while I felt like the holiday had been a major event, most people hadn’t really noticed. All too quickly it was back into the routine of work, which is why I’ve had so little of interest to email out!