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12 Nov 2003

Caltech News 4: Studying starts, big time

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Hi all,

As you may have noticed, this is the first email in quite a while. Writing the qualifying exam a few weeks ago put me substantially behind on all my problem sets, and I’m only now approaching catching up. I have 3-4 new problem sets (tutorials) due every week, so there’s not much time to try to catch up! Hence the delay in sending this news, as well as replying to other emails. My sincere apologies, and I’ll try as much as possible to keep up! Thanks to all those that have emailed me!

So after the partying of orientation week, things have got a lot more serious. The courses are mostly quite interesting – I’m doing 4 courses, one of which is on material I’m already pretty familiar with (and isn’t taught that well anyway), but the others are new material and interesting, if somewhat difficult! For those of you that are interested, I’m taking Relativistic Quantum Mechanics (the easier course), Quantum Computing, General Relativity and String Theory. The last is the most difficult course – it’s a big subject, and builds on material which I’m not all that familiar with to begin with. But it’s being taught by an expert in the field, who’s doing a good job. So as long as I can keep up, it should be good!